CACI Quantum Facials in Chelmsford

The non-surgical facial toning system, voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment available

CACI Quantum facials are one of our most popular treatments. Using micro-current facial techniques in conjunction with a combination of faradic and galvanic slimming and toning application, the CACI Quantum facial works to restore and redefine muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles while having the option to simultaneously tighten and tone sagging body muscles.

An initial consultation is carried out so your therapist can help you decide which treatment would benefit you the most.

Treatments available:

CACI Quantum Complete & Microdermabrasion Facial

Category: Anti-Ageing Facials, Clinical Facials, Facials, Microdermabrasion

The complete CACI and microdermabrasion really is the ultimate anti aging facial using micro-current, facial toning and skin base microdermabrasion. The micro-current toning phase uses a combination of specific waveforms and ultra low frequencies that work in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field to provide an instant face firming effect. Followed by the SkinBase microdermabrasion facial is a safe, controlled treatment that intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. A fine jet of abrasive crystals gently removes dead skin cells layer by layer and a vacuum action lifts away the debris, stimulating the blood flow and encouraging collagen and elastin formation that results in firmer, revitalised and youthful looking skin. Wrinkles disappear, acne scarring is reduced and dull and tired skin is completely banished.

75 minutes - £98

CACI Quantum & Environ Power Facial combo: Environ & CACI

Category: Clinical Facials, Facials

With over two decades of experience and research behind it, CACI International is a world leader in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, delivering dramatic results without the need for surgery. In this innovative treatment we combine CACI with Environ for the ultimate anti-ageing advanced skin care treatment.

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100 minutes - £98

CACI Quantum & Environ combined: CACI Jaw Lift with Environ Jawline

Category: Clinical Facials, Facials

Combining the powers of two! A nice little lift with our CACI Machine to help improve the appearance of sagging jowls by using the New Quad Probes which have been specifically developed to target the muscles around the jawline.

Making this treatment even more effective with our Environ machine and product technology which also Targets the appearance of loose skin around the jawline or chin. Using Environ sculpting ingredients together with the Dual Electro-Sonic DF Technology.

Recommend courses: Buy 5 get 6, or buy 8 get 10!

45 minutes - £60

CACI Quantum Eye Revive Treatment

Category: Anti-Ageing Facials, Clinical Facials, Facials

This is a must-have treatment for anyone concerned with ageing and puffiness around the delicate eye area. The gentle 30 minute treatment soothes tired, puffy eyes, combats dark circles, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and lifts hooded eyes. This treatment will target all your anti-ageing eye area concerns! Add to a CACI facial treatment for £24.

30 minutes - £45

CACI Quantum Hydratone Facial

Category: Anti-Ageing Facials, Clinical Facials, Facials

Hydratone uses an intensive, anti-ageing Hydro mask that will instantly rehydrate, revitalise and plump the skin. Hydratone combines active microcurrent rollers which restore muscle tone, firmness and propel the ingredients deep into the skin. It has an immediate cooling effect that will soothe and calm any skin redness and irritation. The Hydratone treatment works spectacularly when combined with the traditional CACI facial treatments. Add on to any CACI treatment for £18.

30 minutes - £36

More details about CACI Quantum

CACI Quantum uses a higher intensity output than microcurrent stimulation, and so is ideal for firming and toning the larger body muscles. As the current passes through the pads it stimulates involuntary muscle contractions thereby passively exercising and toning the muscles. Faradic technology enables clients to experience a total body workout without even breaking a sweat. A series of treatments will redefine body contours and provide measurable inch loss.

What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent therapy is now widely used as an aesthetic anti-ageing treatment. A higher intensity current will cause contractions of the facial muscles which can worsen lines and wrinkles, whereas microcurrent stimulation does not contract muscles, but instead works by a process called muscle re-education to achieve results.Due to it’s dramatic lifting and toning effect, the CACI microcurrent treatment has become known as the “Non Surgical Face Lift”.

Acacia Beauty Rooms offers CACI Quantum treatments alongside many other skin and beauty therapies at their beauty salon in Chelmsford moments from the city centre, with easy access from the A12 and A13 with free car parking on-site. Book your appointment online or call us on 01245 478620.