Earlobe Filler

Earlobes, like other parts of our body, show signs of ageing or can suffer from wear and tear due to heavy earrings or multiple piercings. Over time, they may appear lined, saggy, and thin. Earlobe rejuvenation steps in here, adding volume and giving a youthful contour to such lobes.

The process mirrors lip filling techniques, where hyaluronic acid is injected around the earlobe’s edges. This subtle addition of volume revamps the earlobe, making it look robust and youthful. Even a minimal amount of filler can make a significant, yet natural-looking difference. One advantage of this treatment is the longevity of the fillers. The results can persist from six months to two years. While areas like the mouth might see faster absorption of fillers due to constant movement, less active zones like earlobes retain filler for extended periods. Plus, there’s the added benefit of avoiding any scars, cuts, or stitches!

This treatment is in the following categories: Dermal Fillers

Treatment Length and Costs

30 minutes - £160

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