Xela Rederm

Xela Rederm is a standout treatment designed to address various skin concerns. Its efficacy lies in diminishing wrinkles, rectifying discolorations, refining skin texture, providing a lifting effect, bolstering skin elasticity, nourishing the skin, reestablishing the right skin structure, and enhancing hydration levels.

Depending on the skin’s condition, Xela Rederm offers three formula strengths: 1.1%, 1.8%, and 2.2%. The correct choice is tailored to your needs. Indications that Xela Rederm could be right for you include a “tired face” appearance, early signs of ageing, severe ageing signs, gravity-induced skin sagging, varying wrinkle depths, acne marks, hyperpigmentation, various skin types (oily, thin, combination), preparation for, and recovery from aesthetic treatments, environmental damage, and skin laxity on different body parts.

Note: Individuals pregnant or breastfeeding, with diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancers, keloid tendencies, those on blood clotting medications, or with active infections should not have this treatment.

For best results, undergo three sessions, spaced two weeks apart. After 6-9 months, consider a booster treatment or another three-session series. Post-treatment, facial recovery usually takes about 72 hours, while other body parts might need 5-6 days.

Xela Rederm® 1.1% – £150 per treatment
Xela Rederm® 1.8% – £180 per treatment
Xela Rederm® 2.2% – £200 per treatment

This treatment is in the following categories: Skin & Body Boosters

Treatment Length and Costs

60 minutes - £150

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